Super Meat Boy Rival Rush

Super Meat Boy Rival Rush

Super Meat Boy Rival Rush is a one versus one competitive card game where Players race to the finish. Players assemble twenty card decks comprised of actions and skills that will get them to the end, along with some nasty tricks to trip up their opponent. Beloved characters from the Super Meat Boy Cinematic Universe make appearances for the first time as trading cards, each with their own unique abilities and powers to help navigate the levels ahead at breakneck speeds. Rival Rush is a nonstop fast paced no holds barred finger blistering every card for themselves showdown where only the swiftest and smartest survive.

October Update!

Rival Rush will be entering full production soon! This took a little bit longer than we anticipated, so we thank you for your patience! Online orders will be back soon, and once we are in production we will also be releasing the print and play version. For more updates, follow us on twitter!

Designed by Kyle Pulver and Tommy Refenes

Layout by Lala Fuchs

Card Art by

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